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Did you recently buy the house of your dreams except for the interior paint colors? Maybe you are tired of the same color you have had on the walls for years at your long-time home in Clear Lake. Instead, maybe you love the color you have and just want to refresh it if the current paint is bubbling or peeling. If any of those situations sound familiar, our friendly interior painters are here to help. Since 1976, JTP Painting Services has been turning interior rooms into spaces people can appreciate even more with our professional services.


Our prep work prior to painting includes repairs for holes and cracks. JTP Painting Services offers a variety of additional maintenance services for commercial or residential properties in League City and all surrounding areas. Call (281) 339-2400 for more information, or visit our service pages on this site.

At JTP Painting Services, we have partnered up with Sherwin-Williams, however, we only use their highest quality lines of paints. Learn more about exterior paint recommendations by contacting an expert at (281) 339-2400.

Each painting project is different, and we use whichever tools are best for each job. Typically, we use brushes and rollers. Some specialty jobs may require a spray for a high-quality finish.

JTP Painting Services prep service includes the protection and removal of furniture. You will be responsible of moving fragile items such as pictures, glass items and electronic devices. Our team works closely with clients to keep your family and property safe.

JTP Painting services we have fully trained, knowledgeable crew Project managers to run each job. However, the Production manager is always available and constantly checks on each and every job.

This is the most common asked question, and the answer is yes, we’ll take a sample to your wall paint to the paint store and with today’s advanced matching technology they’ll be able to recreate almost any paint color as close as possible having the right sample.

Yes, we provide complementary color consultation for customers who sign up with us, our color consultant gives expert advice on what house painting colors to choose and allow customers to make the final decision. Customers also have the option to test sample house painting colors on their walls.

Yes we do! Once we finish with the painting, we provide the leftover paint for touch-ups. The paint is part of the cost, you’re paying for it and that’s yours to keep. And if we missed any touch ups and you notice them after the project has been completed, we’ll go back and fix them for you at no extra charge. Remember, 100% satisfaction is guaranteed!

At JTP Painting Services, we’re always happy to accommodate requests to change or add work as soon as you think of them. In most cases, it’s more cost effective for us to change or add work orders during the course of the project than for us to come back after the work has been completed.

It is of great importance to us that we keep an open line of communication with you before, during, and after your project is completed. That is why the production manager will be in constant communication with you throughout your project and you can also reach out to the production manager, office, or your project consultant at any time with any question or concern.

Each house is unique. Depending on the Scope of Work to be completed your consultant/manager will discuss with you the projected start date and completion date of your project before work gets underway.

The answer is no. People can stay and go about their normal life while the painting is taking place. Typically, we do one area at a time which can take us 1 or 2 days to complete. The sequence of rooms is discussed with the customer ahead of time so there is minimal disruption to their normal life.

We need all breakable items removed from China cabinets or tables and computers properly shut down and unplugged. We do all the heavy lifting after that. The second thing we need is 15 min of your time to go over 10 to 15 questions regarding the project in order to have clear expectations and to make sure the project runs smoothly.

No. Not for painting. That is a true statement for trades like flooring and carpeting but not for painting. All contents get moved the middle of the room and are covered with plastic sheathing. Floors get protected with drop cloths. If floors were refinished before painting takes place, then paper is placed on floors and drop cloths on top of that.

We can help move all the furniture away from the walls to the center of the room and back again once the job is done. We do all the heavy lifting. Customers are responsible for breakable items only.

Most of our projects are backed by a 5-Year Iron Clad warranty and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Absolutely! We provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a written 5-Year Ironclad Warranty

Yes! We provide the appropriate coverage for general liability and worker’s compensation.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Interior Paint?

With the latest technological advances in home painting, we can produce exceptional results in much less time than it would take to use outdated tools. Also, we can help you picture how different paint colors will look in your interior rooms if you want more assistance than what a small paint color sample card provides.

Professional inside house painters use top-quality paint to make sure that it lasts longer. They also make sure the walls are sanded, patched and smoothed as necessary to help the paint stay on longer and look better. The benefit of an aesthetic improvement is undeniable. Your walls can look like new again, and you can creatively use colors to inspire different moods or feelings in rooms. Also, the paint adds value to your house itself. People who might list their home for sale or rent may use that value increase to find better buyers or tenants.

How Interior Painting Works

The good thing about working with professionals is that messy preparation, strenuous painting, ladders and cleanup are not your responsibilities. Once you decide to work with our interior painters, they learn about your color choices and set a project time that works for you. They use plastic, tape and other supplies to make sure everything in the room is covered for protection and a better result. Using the right tools for your walls, they prepare, smooth and clean them. After they apply primer, they put on the paint. Once they are done, cleanup is the next step. They can unwrap and remove tape as well, and they have you inspect the result before they leave.

Experience the Difference of Professional Interior Painters

Independent painters and general contractors do not usually offer as much value with their services. They may have older tools or equipment, which may mean that the project lasts longer. Also, some may not have much experience or may not specialize in painting. This can lead to delays, unexpected costs and disappointing results. These are the main benefits we offer as a company that specializes in residential painting.

Guaranteed Results

Your new paint finish has a five-year warranty. We offer this since we know our team will do a good job and since we never use poor-quality paint. Our work also comes with a full satisfaction guarantee.

Trustworthy Professionals

One important goal of ours is to send trustworthy interior painters to our customers' homes. We do not hire people unless they pass a background screening, which means you have peace of mind that you are working with reputable people.

Insured, Certified Company

If you own your home, you are probably familiar with liability issues. Our company removes any liability issues by maintaining full insurance that covers the homes we work in and the people who work for us. Rest assured that you will not be left with any damage to pay for or other costly worker injuries.

Efficient Team and Equipment

Without expertise and the right tools, projects can become lengthy. Our decades of painting experience have taught us how to predict supplies, potential issues and more. We give you fair and accurate cost estimates, and the timeline we create for completion is something that we assure you our inside house painters will follow. Our company knows that painting is an inconvenience, and we try to minimize the impact. We also make sure we follow the right safety rules for your protection and our own. For instance, if we see that ventilation may be an issue, we may bring fans to help address it. Without making any sacrifices to quality, we will finish the job quickly.

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If you love your home and only want the best outcome for your interior painting project, JTP Painting Services is the right choice. Over the years, our company has built a strong culture that includes treating our customers' homes with the same respect we would treat our own. If you have any questions, we are here to answer them. Whether you have work or family obligations that keep you busy, our team will help you find a time that works for you to schedule the project. Please contact us for a free interior painting estimate in Clear Lake TX.

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