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Painting the outside of your house is something that should be done when the paint starts fading, turning chalky, chipping, peeling or showing other signs of damage. Storms and debris can wreak havoc on paint, and the sun can cause it to fade over time. There are plenty of reasons to repaint the outside of the house, and another common one is simply wanting a different look. Whatever the reason, JTP Painting Services is here to make your ideas happen. We have been serving the League City TX area for more than 40 years, and our exterior painters have handled all types and sizes of exterior house painting projects.


Work may begin anywhere between 2- 4 weeks following the estimate once color selections and work specifications have been confirmed and the work contract has been signed. Other variables might also affect project scheduling such as the size of the project, time of the year and weather conditions.

Our prep work prior to painting includes repairs for holes and cracks. JTP Painting Services offers a variety of additional maintenance services for commercial or residential properties in League City and all surrounding areas. Call (281) 339-2400 for more information or visit our service pages on this site.

At JTP Painting Services, we have partnered up with Sherwin-Williams, however, we only use their highest quality lines of paints. Learn more about exterior paint recommendations by contacting an expert at (281) 339-2400.

Each painting project is different, and we use whichever tools are best for each job. Typically, we use brushes and rollers. Some specialty jobs may require a spray for a high-quality finish.

JTP Painting services we have fully trained, knowledgeable crew Project managers to run each job. However, the Production manager is always available and constantly checks on each and every job.

Yes, we provide complementary color consultation for customers who sign up with us, our color consultant gives expert advice on what house painting colors to choose and allow customers to make the final decision. Customers also have the option to test sample house painting colors on their walls.

Yes we do! Once we finish with the painting, we provide the leftover paint for touch-ups. The paint is part of the cost, you’re paying for it and that’s yours to keep. And if we missed any touch ups and you notice them after the project has been completed, we’ll go back and fix them for you at no extra charge. Remember, 100% satisfaction is guaranteed!

At JTP Painting Services, we’re always happy to accommodate requests to change or add work as soon as you think of them. In most cases, it’s more cost effective for us to change or add work orders during the course of the project than for us to come back after the work has been completed.

It is of great importance to us that we keep an open line of communication with you before, during, and after your project is completed. That is why the production manager will be in constant communication with you throughout your project and you can also reach out to the production manager, office, or your project consultant at any time with any question or concern.

Each house is unique. Depending on the Scope of Work to be completed your consultant/manager will discuss with you the projected start date and completion date of your project before work gets underway.

Yes, we can provide paint sample chips for you to submit to your HOA.

Our team at JTP Painting Services is experienced and able to repair the rotted areas in your home. If you are aware of any rotting, please notify your project consultant upon the initial project inspection so that we can provide you with potential solutions for your repair.

The size of our crews will vary depending on the Scope of Work to be completed. We typically utilize crews of 2-3 painting professionals to maximize productivity.

Since preparation is key to a successful paint job, we power wash surfaces, scrape and remove loose and peeling paint, prime bare spots with primer, tighten loose boards and nails, remove any cracking caulk, and caulk the gaps and cracks as needed.

We use masking paper and masking film, as well as drop cloths, to protect your home and give you a clean finished paint job.

Most of our projects are backed by a 5-Year Iron Clad warranty and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Absolutely! We provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a written 5-Year Ironclad Warranty

Yes! We provide the appropriate coverage for general liability and worker’s compensation.

Why Exterior Paint Is Beneficial

If you are on the fence about repainting an exterior that needs it for practical or aesthetic reasons, a good motivator is the value increase. Every homeowner loves an opportunity to make an improvement that offers an attractive ROI, and painting your home is one example. The aesthetic appeal for potential buyers is a plus. Some colors can actually attract more buyers, and our professionals can help you choose one if that is your goal. If not, having a great-looking paint finish is a visual benefit to your entire neighborhood and gives you another reason to love your home.

With all aesthetic advantages aside, there are practical benefits of keeping the exterior paint in good condition. If it is used correctly, paint works like a barrier between the elements and the siding material. Without it, the siding material is vulnerable to damage. If moisture gets behind it, you may face a mold problem or other types of more serious damage. Pests may also find a way in. On a brighter note, there are paints today that can help resist insects. Professional exterior painters fix problem areas, seal cracks and apply paint thoroughly to ensure it serves its practical purposes.

Our Exterior Painting Process

Exterior surfaces need some work before the paint goes on them. There is no need to spend all day scraping paint and all night icing your shoulders. Our professional exterior painters have tools and equipment that make removing old paint easier and quicker. They check for damage, fix minor issues, caulk as needed and make sure the surface is ready. The painters protect windows, trim, fixtures and other components with tape or cover them. They apply primer before paint where needed and always use the highest quality paint. After completing the project, they remove tape and clean up.

Why Professional Exterior House Painting Services Are Essential

To make sure you get a good value for your investment, it is important to work with a company you know you can trust. Two key elements of that are certified and insurance. A certified company has to follow strict rules of the industry and demonstrate in-depth knowledge. Insurance protects the painters in case they are injured and relieves you of any liabilities. Also, it assures you that if there were any accidental property damage, you would not be stuck paying for it. We are both certified and insured.

Another great reason to choose a professional company is knowing you will work with reliable and vetted painters. Some contractors may send subcontractors to do the work. However, we send our own employees who have been thoroughly screened and trained.

One vital reason to work with professionals is your satisfaction. The last thing you want is a poor-quality result and being stuck with the choice of hiring someone else to fix it or just accepting it. With us, that never happens since we have a complete satisfaction guarantee and back our paint finishes with a warranty for five years after completion.

We offer that warranty and guarantee because we trust our outside house painters, their skills and their work ethic. They also use professional equipment, high-quality paints and the right methods for both paint preparation and applying paint. Since we have done so many painting projects, we can assure you that our completion and cost estimates are accurate. We address issues, make sure supplies are available and do not waste any time.

Your safety is another valuable benefit of working with professionals. You do not have to worry about climbing a ladder, working around power lines or anything else dangerous. We will discuss colors and scheduling with you, and we will let you know if there are any other special instructions. However, all the hard work is our job. To maximize your safety, we take steps to reduce potential hazards while our crew works on your property.

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Our outside house painters can work on any type of residential structure, and they treat every home with the same care they would treat their own houses. The team has painted single-family homes, duplexes, townhouses and more. Additionally, they have experience working in nearly any type of environment and can still work efficiently without forgetting quality measures. Whether you want or desperately need a new coat of paint for your home's exterior, we work hard to provide prompt service and find a time that works for you. For a free exterior house painting estimate in League City TX, please contact JTP Painting Services.

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